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thelistener [userpic]
Biology is Fun!
by thelistener (thelistener)
at August 26th, 2008 (09:45 pm)
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Sorry for the lack of posts, all, Got stumped on deciding what to write about.

Anywho, take the two images made by the fine NoWhereIncoming: (Non-sexual anatomical nudity, click to embiggen)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Just found them quite interesting from a furgronomical point of view. Would it be in the interest of this group to promote works like this, or should it be kept to a more... biological-oriented group? PErsonally, I found the images within to be quite well done from an anatomical point of view, but perhaos someone more... vested in anatomical study could offer a counter-opinion.

Also, if anyone wants to discuss theoretical biology in the comments or a seperate post, feel free as well.

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